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Cities of the Future: a giant-screen film experience

Cities of the Future brings Future World Vision concepts to the big screen, preparing civil engineers to lead the future’s infrastructure ideas, based on real engineering data and principles. Watch a sneak peek trailer for the film.

Cities of the Future film, Amsterdam

Bring Cities of the Future to your community

Theaters are beginning to book Cities of the Future. This is your opportunity to bring the excitement of civil engineering to your local community. Contact your local science center or museum to encourage them to play the film and offer to partner on outreach activities, events, and public forums.

Cities of the Future film, Singapore

Design your vision of the future

Feeling inspired by Cities of the Future? Help design the official sticker for the new IMAX movie. Whether it’s a futuristic city skyline, an alternative logo for the film, or a bumper sticker from 2070, we want to know what the future looks like to you. Let your creativity be as limitless as tomorrow’s possibilities!

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Filming began in summer 2022

ASCE's latest giant-screen film Cities of the Future began filming in Amsterdam.

Become a Future World Visionary

VR image of Mega City


See how Future World Vision comes to life through an immersive VR experience.

Cities of the Future film, Singapore


Stay updated on the upcoming Future World Vision giant-screen film, Cities of the Future.

Mega City 2070 platform


Create and share your own custom tour of Mega City 2070.

Reimagine the world and shape the future.