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Cities of the Future: a giant-screen film experience

"Cities of the Future" brings Future World Vision concepts to the big screen, preparing civil engineers to lead the future’s infrastructure ideas, based on real engineering data and principles. Watch a sneak peek trailer for the film.

Cities of the Future film, Amsterdam

Bring Cities of the Future to your community

Science centers and museums across the country will soon feature the "Cities of the Future" film in their theaters. And you can bring the excitement to your civil engineering community. ASCE is offering grants to ASCE groups for film screenings or educational programs that include a film screening. Apply to showcase the film at an upcoming section, branch, or younger member group meeting.

Cities of the Future film, Singapore

Spotlight the possibilities of tomorrow

Feeling inspired by “Cities of the Future?" Share your enthusiasm with civil engineers, present and future, by highlighting all the film has to offer. Whether it’s by showing the movie trailer at an event or including behind-the-scenes photos from the film in an upcoming newsletter. Use these resources to help get your community excited for the future. Additional resources, including an educational guide with hands-on activities and a guide for public forums will be added to this library in the future. So be sure to check back in throughout the year.

Kids prep for Future City Competition

Send a Kid to the Future!

“Cities of the Future” takes audiences on a captivating journey into the possibilities and challenges of urban life 50 years from now. Unlock the potential of the next generation by showing kids this exciting future. Your donation to the ASCE Foundation will help us grant free film screenings to students from underserved communities.

Cities of the Future BR Shot

Showcase Cities of the Future on campus

Are you interested in screening “Cities of the Future” at your local college or university? ASCE is offering a one-time screening opportunity exclusively to each ASCE student chapter.

Become a Future World Visionary

VR image of Mega City


See how Future World Vision comes to life through an immersive VR experience.

Cities of the Future film, Singapore


Stay updated on the upcoming Future World Vision giant-screen film, Cities of the Future.

Mega City 2070 platform


Create and share your own custom tour of Mega City 2070.

Reimagine the world and shape the future.