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From VR experiences at in-person events to online webinars, there are several opportunities to explore Future World Vision. See the full list of events to find one that fits your calendar.

Rendering © SOM | Miysis

Are high-rise urban forests possible?

High-rise design would absorb carbon and purify the air, creating urban forests.

Mega City 2070 platform

Reimagining infrastructure with Future World Vision’s Mega City 2070

Gerald Buckwalter, ASCE's chief innovation officer, discusses how Future World Vision is helping engineers reimagine infrastructure.

Future World Vision platform

Experience your future: Mega City 2070

Leading engineers examine the Mega City 2070 platform and its potential to transform the profession and holistically shape the future built environment.

Trends - auto

The rise of shared mobility

The rise of shared mobility is reshaping cities, which presents its own set of opportunities and challenges.

photo of road damage caused by an earthquake

Android phones now offer earthquake detection alerts

Android phones can now be used like miniature seismometers.

photo of metabeam

Futuristic ‘metabeam’ manipulates structural properties

The beam counteracts deformations and other stresses without active human input.

four kinds of natural disasters

How to make infrastructure more resilient against climate change

Civil engineers are promoting resiliency to ensure that the infrastructure they design today can withstand the impacts of a changing climate tomorrow.

futuristic vehicle

Nomads of the future

Customizable, mobile intelligent micro-units are coming soon. Developed by a Slovakian company, the "cars" could transform where we live and work and how we get there.

off-shore turbine

Floating wind system gathers 5 times the energy of typical offshore turbine

The system’s stacked formation effectively creates a wall of wind turbines.

artist rendering of an AI-driven building

AI-driven building façade will learn and 'improve' itself

A 53-story tower, dubbed Vertical Oasis, will be capable of harnessing nature through a combination of factors such as renewable energy harvesting and AI.

Become a Future World Visionary

VR image of Mega City


See how Future World Vision comes to life through an immersive VR experience.

Cities of the Future film, Singapore


Stay updated on the upcoming Future World Vision giant-screen film, Cities of the Future.

Mega City 2070 platform


Create and share your own custom tour of Mega City 2070.

Reimagine the world and shape the future.