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Book details how to find change-maker employees

Ray Bert reviews Tyler Cowen and Daniel Gross' 'Talent: How to Identify Energizers, Creatives, and Winners Around the World.'

Biogenic asphalt

Biogenic asphalt binder aims to drive down carbon in road construction

Adding plant-based biogenic components to asphalt binders can help decarbonize road construction.

The new Interstate 74 Bridge spans the Mississippi River, linking Iowa and Illinois. (Photograph courtesy of Modjeski and Masters)

New Quad Cities bridge improves commuter and pedestrian connectivity

The new twin-span, basket-handle, through-arch bridge improves commuter and pedestrian connectivity in the Quad Cities region of Illinois and Iowa.

The dome shape of the tornado simulator is designed to reduce energy loss as the system operates. (Photograph courtesy of Guirong (Grace) Yan)

Largest US translating tornado simulator opens

A tornado simulator capable of simultaneously producing swirling and translating winds has opened in the Wind Hazard Mitigation Laboratory at the Missouri University of Science and Technology in Rolla.

Weather radar

Work ramps up to integrate climate data into ASCE codes and standards

ASCE continues to work across multiple fronts to better incorporate climate data into its future codes and standards.

(Rendering courtesy of geoLAGON)

Energy self-sufficient lagoons and villages set to be built in Canada

A series of four $325 million energy self-sufficient villages are set to be built in the French-speaking Canadian province of Quebec.

Ivanpah Solar Power Facility, a concentrated solar-thermal plant in the Mojave Desert

Next-gen concentrating solar-thermal power plants one step closer

These technologies use mirrors to concentrate sunlight to generate heat for low-cost electricity production and industrial processing that can be used independent of daylight hours, according to the DOE.

VR image of Mega City

Future World Vision updates enhance Mega City 2070 community

The platform updates follow a clear path for the user: more information to discover; more ways to explore that information; and more ways to contribute your own perspective.

Working with AI book

Book examines positive side of human-machine collaboration

Ray Bert reviews Thomas H. Davenport and Steven M. Miller's “Working with AI: Real Stories of Human-Machine Collaboration.”

Raw sewage empties from a straight pipe

Initiative launched to aid US areas without wastewater treatment

Known as the Closing America's Wastewater Access Gap Community Initiative, the project ultimately is intended to address unmet sanitation needs in rural areas throughout the United States.

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VR image of Mega City


See how Future World Vision comes to life through an immersive VR experience.

Cities of the Future film, Singapore


Stay updated on the upcoming Future World Vision giant-screen film, Cities of the Future.

Mega City 2070 platform


Create and share your own custom tour of Mega City 2070.

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