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From VR experiences at in-person events to online webinars, there are several opportunities to explore Future World Vision. See the full list of events to find one that fits your calendar.

Meow Wolf Denver Convergence Station

Immersive identity shapes design of Meow Wolf Denver

An open, collaborative design process enabled the project team to overcome multiple challenges on a unique building on a severely constrained urban setting.

Plastic-infused asphalt research at Rutgers University

Waste plastic repurposed for use in asphalt mix

Researchers study performance of New York city roads paved with plastic-infused asphalt.

Earthquake-resistant ductile iron pipe section (Image courtesy of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California)

If the Earth moves, this flexible iron pipe moves too

The 104 in. diameter ductile iron water pipe can move horizontally up to 13 ft.

View of city buildings

Major action needed to meet 2030 Sustainable Development Goal deadline

A National Academies report highlights actions to be taken by engineers and others to advance the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals intended to be met by 2030.

Wastewater systems

Internet-connected sensors can catch wastewater overflow early

A case study gauges whether ultrasonic sensors can detect a sewer system's choke events better than traditional video monitoring.

Pilot project to test forward-osmosis membranes for water reuse

Pilot project to test forward-osmosis membranes for water reuse

A Canary Islands research consortium is pilot-testing the use of a forward-osmosis membrane system as a means of reusing brine from a local seawater desalination facility.

Irrigation water

A better way to purify irrigation water by trapping sediment in basins

Here's a way to enhance the performance of vortex-settling basins in removing sediment from irrigation freshwater.

Pores seen in a balsa wood cross section (Image courtesy of Tian Li, School of Mechanical Engineering, Purdue University)

‘Living’ wood to add strength, capture carbon using microbes

A bioink application would introduce mineral-producing microbes into cut lumber.

Man using laptop

Finding mega city solutions for rural problems

The 2022 ASCE Innovation Contest challenged students to address one or more UN Sustainability Goal by connecting their new ideas to Future World Vision.

Vehicles featured in HBO’s "Westworld." (Image courtesy John Johnson/HBO)

HBO’s Westworld, ASCE’s Future World Vision offer competing futures

For civil engineers, the vision of the future presented by HBO's Westworld is instructive, especially in the ways that it compares to and contrasts with ASCE’s Future World Vision initiative.

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VR image of Mega City


See how Future World Vision comes to life through an immersive VR experience.

Cities of the Future film, Singapore


Stay updated on the upcoming Future World Vision giant-screen film, Cities of the Future.

Mega City 2070 platform


Create and share your own custom tour of Mega City 2070.

Reimagine the world and shape the future.